Parent Involvement

Here are a few volunteer opportunities a Capital Childcare:
Help in the classroom at busy times of the day. (one time or on a regular basis)
  • Come and host or participate in an art activity.
  • Chaperone on field trip days


These are items our teachers could use:

  • String
  • Buttons
  • Coffee Cans with Lids
  • Baby Formula Cans
  • Baby Formula Scoops
  • Scoops from Anything (laundry detergent, coffee…)
  • Cardboard for art projects
  • Bread tabs (those colored square or rectangular pieces of plastic that hold the bread bag closed)
  • Stationary, Greeting Cards and Envelopes (unused but sets you don’t plan to use)
  • Interesting Natural Objects (large pinecones, shells, unusual seed pods, etc.)
  •  “Office”  Supplies: Various types of tape, clipboards or paper\
  • Pumps from stray bottles
  • Newspaper